Welcome to Tieve Tara, my grandparents’ wonderful garden in Mt Macedon, Victoria. I hope you like the website I have created,
and that you get the opportunity to visit the garden, and experience it’s wonders first hand.
Joel, age 10.

On this website, you will learn about the garden, and about the pure visual delight that it is, marking the arrival and passing of each season in stunning colours and dazzling sights. You will discover all the walks there are to enjoy, every sight there is to see, and every dazzling plant, flower, or tree that grows in this magnificent garden! You will also see some magnificent photos of the garden taken by Marg Thornell of “Frames In Time”!

To give you an Idea of the garden, here are a few facts:

  • The Garden is set on a slope, allowing it to overlook the lush growth below.
  • The garden has featured in Your Garden, Sun Herald, Telegraph, Domain, Weekly Times, Snap Shot and Getaways.

The Miracle Begins

When Judith bought the property, she looked at it as a spring and summer garden, but she wanted a four season one, so she set to work. Eventually, Tieve Tara was looking magnificent, after having a new lake built up on the higher section of the garden, and having the lake in the lower section fixed, improved, and made into a wonderful part of the garden with a monet style bridge arching over it.



To the viewer, Tieve Tara would be a masterpiece, but to Judith, there’s always something to work on, “I hope that there will always be something to improve and work on” she said. So, with that confident phrase beside them Judith and her husband John raised this garden into a dream come true.

First Impressions

When you first walk into Tieve Tara, you realize the size of the garden, not too big but not too small at 7.5 acres, with 2 lakes, 1 arched by a Monet style bridge, and another one surrounded by beautiful plants. There is also a stunning Perennial walk and a nicely lawned tennis court. Sit down under the romantic Rose Arbour, amongst the beautiful rose beds. There is an amazing ‘Treasure Island’, a fern area, and lots of ducks and geese that are often wandering around Tieve Tara, coming up to the house to get their Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from Judith and John.


The garden has entertainment not only for adults but for children as well with a nice playground which includes a Cubby House, a Sandpit, and a Slide.


Summer is a celebration of colour as some 200 different trees including lots of very old ones: Dogwood, Copper Beech, Deo Dara, Tulip Tree, Linden, Douglas Fir, Weeping Elm, Medlar, and the Dividia commonly known as the Dove tree or the Handkerchief tree, are just SOME of the trees up there.


In Summer, Tieve Tara is a wonderful place, as visitors sit down on the rolling lawns under the shade provided by the trees, perfected with cool sea winds coming from the South. So come up and see Tieve Tara, in Summer.


The garden is a lovely place to be in during Autumn as reds, oranges, and yellows steal the scenery. The garden changes amazingly in this season, so this Autumn would be a great time to come up and see the garden transform.


The Monet style bridge also changes dramatically, as the wisteria leaves surrounding it change from green to yellow. What a masterpiece! Autumn is a great time to be up at Tieve Tara.


In Winter, the garden is often crispy white under a layer of frost and occasional snow. As the flowers and leaves disappear, the “bones” of the garden are shown to full advantage. The evergreen shrubs and trees, beautiful lawns and the amazing hellobones, all emerge from the mist as if by magic. The beautiful bare branches of the deciduous trees take your breath away!


Winter is a special time at Tieve Tara, when you are well rugged up and cosy in your gloves and scarves, with a cap pulled over your ears, the cold fresh air is most invigorating!!!!


In Spring, the garden awakens with a fantastic display of colors and the flowering cherries blossom next to the roses and the growing bulbs. Thousands of perennials begin to bloom and the garden shows its natural beauty.


Spring is a great time of the year at Tieve Tara, as the fantastic range of colours delight the eye and refresh the soul. So come up to Tieve Tara in Spring, take a walk up the perennial path, around the lakes, through the fern glade and relax whilst watching Spring at Tieve Tara.

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